2 of the 96,329
My parents are 2 of the 96,086 people in the US in need of a kidney donation. My three siblings and I are still living in the house, and my older brother won't be heading off to college until 2014. The most important thing to them would be to see us all off to college, my littlest sibling is 8, and my oldest, is only 19 years old. My fathers a hard worker, and has always been. Sometimes working three jobs to keep up with the bills, but, he's been on dialysis since January 2012. He's tired from it, working all the time, and the dialysis. He works at Lowes, moving boxes, and my mother, is a stay at home mom. She works as hard as she can at home, but is afraid we won't be able to pay for the surgeries she needs. She is our teacher, and makes sure to drive us all to any events, no matter how tired she may get. She volenteers at our AWANA program as the commander, she also volenteered, teaching Sunday school at our church.

My dad has reciently recieved a kidney from a live donor, resulting in a chain donation. Because a family friend of ours was willing to donate a kidney to him, but wasn't a match, at least two people received the kidneys they needed because of this, though we where never told how far the chain went. My mother, switched from peritineal Dialysis (where the put a sugar-water mixture between the abdominal skin and the sack around the organs in an attempt to clean the blood.) To home-Hemodialysis, which I am helping her with. We put large needles directly into the blood stream, where the doctors attached her artery directly to her vein in her arm to provide the blood flow we need through that area. Then, we hook her up to a machine that pumps her blood out of her body, through a cleaning solution, then back in at 350ml of blood a minute. The whole procedure takes a total of five hours, five days a week.
I personally would donate one of my own kidneys to my mom, but cannot, until I'm 18 that is. My mother might not even live tell then, and I ask whoever is reading this to please, consider donating an organ to a deserving mother of four.

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